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Michael Combley - Team Mad Dog

Michael Combley
Team Mad Dog Racing

Michael Combley is probably the world’s most brilliant motorcycle rider never to have won a championship race, or score championship points EVER.

His outstanding abilities in all forms of motorcycle competition have never been recorded in any record book in spite of the fact that he is absolutely, outstandingly brilliant at motorcycle speedway, trials, land speed, motocross and road racing disciplines.

He has excelled at all of the above disciplines while at the same time driving race team managers, mechanics, tuners and hanger’s on to absolute and total distraction.

The reason being that Michael suffers from a very rare and unusual affliction: Race Record Phobia. Michael has a profound, deep seated, ongoing and irrational fear of seeing his name detailed in any race record book.

Many times have race team managers and colleagues been reduced to extreme anger and frustration as their talented and brilliant rider has simply parked a winning race machine on the wrong side of the finish line and walked away from a sure fire win or points finishing position. Sports coaches have been reduced to quivering nervous wrecks attempting to solve the conundrum of Michael’s Race Record Phobia. He has however won numerous events under aliases and rubber masks including several world championships.

Michael looks forward to racing (and inevitably winning) at the Australian Postie GP. It is however, highly unlikely that his name will feature in the final results

James CarpenterJames Carpenter - Team Mad Dog
Team Mad Dog Racing

Weaned on WD40 James has motorcycle racing in his veins. His first spoken word was ‘Hammer’ (a word that underlines his approach to the track BTW).

Graduating from his tricycle aged just 4 months he rapidly adapted to riding a specially modified Vincent Black Shadow around his parents palatial estate at the age of 9 months.

By the age of 3 he was drag racing open class top fuel motorcycles, and would have continued straight into road racing but his arms were just too short to turn corners (and hold a competition license).

At about the same time as he started primary school James became a race test rider for the Honda factory road race team (at closed circuits and in a totally clandestine environment due to his young age), where rumour has it he would often take full seconds off world championship pace.

Burned out and washed up by the age of 10 James took to riding Clydesdale dray horses in an attempt to calm his frenzied and speed shattered mental state. After spending most of his teenage years in a darkened room reading only Barbara Cartland novels and playing a medieval lute James’ mental state began to improve.

His rehabilitation continuing into his early twenties James spent weeks on end in flotation chambers on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals and psychedelic cacti.

The Cessnock Postie GP celebrates his total rehabilitation and a return to motorcycle riding after an absence of nearly a decade and a half.

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